SwurvRadio.com, one the world's most popular internet radio stations & has been the leader in internet radio for more than six years and has distinguished itself as the first and only station to have a “Clean” rotation From 6am to 6pm as well as “Uncut” from 6pm to 6am.

SwurvRadio.com has received multiple awards & nominations as well as a featured station on ITunes; Nokia; and a four-time “Editor’s Pick” on Microsoft’s, “Windows Media” internet radio channel. Nominated for the 2011 A&R Award from the United DJ Alliance, a coalition of some of the most influential DJ organizations in the United States; Nominated for 2011 SEA Award in the top Internet/Satellite Radio category (3rd nomination).

Over a 6 year period, Swurvradio.com has grown to create an online home for both Independent and Major-label artists seeking to increase listenership and viral exposure. Swurvradio.com is dedicated to becoming the #1 Internet-radio destination for listeners of Hip-Hop, R&B Classic Hits and Top 40. Serving as the home for critically acclaimed DJ's and legendary personalities, the SWURVRADIO DJ's convene to identify and support the music industry's next mega-star.

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